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GTAVTurboLoadMod - A LOT faster game & Online loading times! 1.0

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NOTE: Rockstar fixed the issues with slow GTA Online loading times, so this mod is only useful for skipping Rockstar logos and legal messages. I'll update this mod with some new features when I'll have some spare time.

GTAVTurboLoadMod speeds up loading of the game by skipping Rockstar logos and legal messages, but it also speeds up GTA Online loading times by 70 percent or more!

You can use this mod with any mod loader you wish, but it is recommended to use my own mod loader, GTAVTurboLoader, which is included with the mod. Its big advantage is that it doesn't modify any game files!
Instructions how to use this mod with GTAVTurboLoader:
- Unzip GTAVTurboLoader.exe and GTAVTurboLoadMod.dll to the same folder
- Move this folder to the location that will not disturb you, e.g. C:\ or the Documents folder
- Create shortcut to GTAVTurboLoader.exe on the Desktop, you can do this by right clicking GTAVTurboLoader.exe and clicking Create shortcut
- Right click the newly created shortcut and click Properties
- Depending on which platform you bought the game you must append the following at the end of Target element of the shortcut:
--- Steam: "/steam"
--- Epic Games: "/epic"
--- Other: GTA V directory path, without slash at the end, encapsulated in quotes, e.g. "C:\Grand Theft Auto V"
You also must put a space between GTAVTurboLoader.exe's path and the appended text, e.g. C:\GTAVTurboLoadMod\GTAVTurboLoader.exe "C:\Grand Theft Auto V"

Notice: There is less than 1 percent chance that this mod may get you banned on GTA Online but it will probably not because it is undetectable from the game's perspective.

Thanks to:
- tostercx for making GTA Online loading times a lot faster (https://nee.lv/2021/02/28/How-I-cut-GTA-Online-loading-times-by-70/)
- QuickNET-Tech for improving tostercx's Proof of Concept
- grasmanek94 for "Skip Intro & Legal Messages" mod (https://gta5-mods.com/scripts/skip-intro-legal-messages-mod), licensed under MIT License
- tgetetetevzx for fixing legal messages skip in grasmanek94's mod not working

This project uses MinHook by TsudaKageyu (https://github.com/TsudaKageyu/minhook)
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