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Go Stuck Yourself Mud Mod 1.75


Version 0.5 fixes sand and adds a notepad with loose terrain changes by themselves. (I accidently included some experimental changes to sand in my first upload.)

Version 0.55 slickmud1 has been tweaked to be more vanilla handling friendly and drag on all four levels has been slightly decreased. Original slickmud1 is included as "slickmud1beta" in case anyone likes the extra drag.
Also grip levels are now more realistic on snow, ice and iced pavement which until further notice only seems to work in NY even if you put snow on the ground with menyoo. Also sand tweaks are coming in the next update.

Version 1.55 Sand changes are now here and SlickMud0 has been added to the lineup, as the zero would suggest it is less "slick" than level 1 and was designed to be used with low traction modded handling.meta's.
The drag and traction levels of deep and dense sand have been altered for all levels to feel more realistic. Normal cars and most other 2wd vehicles will struggle on loose sand while 4X4's and other off road vehicles will do much better. I wanted to make it possible to get stuck in the sand but I could never find a realistic balance between drag and grip that could provide proper braking distance so this is as close as we can get to real sand for now.

Version 1.75 Grip on grasses, gravels, clay and all other natural loose surfaces have now been altered in proper scale with each other. Until now grass and a few other off road surfaces were still at vanilla grip levels.

I was always a bit disappointed with the vanilla traction levels of mud in GTAV, especially when compared to the deep snow in North Yankton.
That's why I reworked the grip and drag levels of mud and all other off road surfaces so now off-roading is significantly more fun, challenging and realistic than before

There are 4 different "slickness" levels to choose from.

Slickmud1: No bugs and most realistic in terms of braking distance in mud, mud is much slicker than vanilla mud however very few cars will get stuck and not many trucks are slowed down. You may encounter random "muddy" spots off road that don't look much different than the surrounding terrain. This is because Rockstar made certain small areas "muddy" without adding any actual mud so that the terrain won't always sound the same.

Slickmud2: Very few known bugs, most 2WD vehicles either get stuck or have a hard time navigating but some cars with a high "tractionlossmultvalue" like asea and barracks will not stop at a realistic rate and some may even slide to the lowest point of the mud on there own. This can be fixed by changing the desired vehicles tractionlossmultvalue to 0.6 in handling.meta.

Slickmud3: More realistic in terms of performace for most 4WD vehicles however some vehicles may suffer from an unrealistic braking distance and many non offroad vehicles bug out and slide uncontrollably. Some vanilla vehicles with low traction loss value like the bfinjection, rebel, dubsta and most stunt dlc vehicles will still negate the mud's traction loss. Like before this can be fixed by changing the desired vehicles tractionlossmultvalue to 0.6 in its handling.meta.

I Strongly recommend Inverse Power by IKT if you wanna keep the wheels spinning. https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/inversepower

And Eddlm's winch mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/winch-for-all-vehicles

To install with OpenIV choose one setting and replace materials.dat in these three places.
First: common.rpf/data/materials
Second: update/update.rpf/common/data/materials
Third: update/x64/dlcpacks/mpstunt/dlc.rpf/common/data/materials

Some credit goes to mxt333 because his tire smoke mod gave me the idea. Unfortunately though these two mods aren't compatible because they replace identical files.

All vehicles seen in the pics can be found on this site.
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