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Deep Blue Ocean 1.0

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This mod will turn the deep Ocean water into a very dark deep blue colored.
Always remember that greenish colored water in reality only appears in medium shallow area like white sand beaches.

In East Asia the pacific ocean is so dark purple blue. I don't know if Caribbean sea really has a greenish color since i have seen a picture of Florida beach which is like that , maybe rockstarnorth refers to it.

its a simple mod that makes a realistic kind of feeling.

it is still buggy. needs more work.

1. Use openIV and go edit mode.

2. Edit the file watertune.xml in |Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data| and replace the line below and save it.

WaterColor value="0x1A00a8ff"

3. Now open graphics.ytd in |Grand Theft Auto V\x64a.rpf\textures| or mods folder if have.

Replace waterfog.dds with the downloaded texture. save it.

see it in the game .. go extra sunny weather to see pure color.


recommended download:
-4k water foam-
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