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Cars Spawn Naturally In Traffic 1.8



This mod makes it so the DLC cars spawn naturally in traffic like any other car. High end cars such as the Zentorno and Turismo R will more commonly be found in rich areas, while cars like the Liberator and Marshall can be found driving around in Sandy Shores and the surrounding areas.
Vehicles such as the Insurgent can be found in the parking lot of Fort Zancudo and may sometimes be spotted on the roads surrounding the area. While all cars are set to spawn in certain areas that does not mean you will see them all the time. Factors such as time of day, weekend or weekday, area of the map, etc. come into play so you may see a lot of one type of car one day and not the next. That does not mean the mod is not working just that the spawns are random. Most of the DLC cars are set to spawn on the highway at various times during the day.

Thanks to suggestions and guidance from WCP the mod has been reworked to use both the popgroups.ymt and popcycle.dat. This allows for a little better spawning of the vehicles and hopefully will cut down on some of the complaints about it not being realistic. Untimely,
the only person I'm really trying to please here is myself. That may make me an asshole but truthfully no matter what I do there's always going to be someone who doesn't like something about this mod which is why I'm more than willing to tell people what I know so they
can change it. There's also the limitations on what I would like to do and what I CAN actually do. So I accept what I cannot change and tell you how to change what you want.


* All DLC and Singleplayer returning player DLC land vehicles spawn naturally in traffic. This does not apply to boats and aircraft unfortunately. I'm trying but I can't get that work.

Now featuring cars from Lowriders, Halloween and Executive and Other Criminals.
* (optional with vehicles.metas) Specific drivers will be driving certain vehicles. Beach and hippies will be driving around in the Beach Bum vehicles, gang members will be driving the Armored Kumura to make it a little more difficult to acquire, the military will be cruising in the Dubsta 6x6, and both Insurgents.
* (optional with vehicles.metas) The Armored Kumura and both Insurgents will now give body armor on entry.
* (optional with dispatch.meta) This now includes the police system I use which allows for different spawning of police units including new units such as bicycle officers and roadblocks at lower levels. Savages at higher levels, etc. This is far from perfect as sometimes bikes will appear without drivers and sometimes boats won't work at all. But if you want to use it then go ahead if not just don't bother installing that file.


* Only one ped type is used as a driver. This is unfortunately something that even doing it the way Rockstar does it doesn't work. I'd love to know why but cannot figure it out. I'll keep looking into it.
* Boats and planes from the DLC do not spawn naturally. Again if I could find a way to make that happen I'd gladly do it. Until I do it's not gonna happen. I am trying.
* There's too many of x car roaming around/I see a bunch of the same car. This is something that's going to happen as the cars spawn. Not much I can do to change it.
* There's a weird vehicle in an area, ie monster trucks in the city or cars where they shouldn't be. The areas aren't really defined to an exact area so cars may drive from one area to another. They may also spawn where you do not expect them to be.
* This is unrealistic. So is a game where you get repeatedly shot and run away just to get shot some more. It's a game, people want to drive the DLC vehicles. We're not striving for realism here. Don't like it, change it. There is no pleasing everyone and while I do take suggestions and comments from people who don't act like asses into consideration there is only so much I can do.
* There's a car missing from traffic that should be spawning there such as the Adder. While I did add the Adder back to the traffic with this update it would have been nice if someone mentioned it rather than me having to read about it on another website. Unfortunately, until the .ymts are unencrypted we have to use files from the console version if we want to edit them. If something is not present in there that is in the PC version there's no way of knowing it. If there's a vehicle you feel is missing please by all means let me know so I can try to fix it. I cannot fix what I do not know about.

Feel free to do whatever you want with this mod short of changing nothing and claiming it as your own. If you want to make changes and upload a different version you are free to do so. Hell, you can even steal it if you really want to because it's not like I'm going to hunt you down, kill you and eat you. Unless I'm hungry.

I highly recommend not using this online. If you do and get banned then don't come crying to me because you were warned.

While this mod has been tested and retested and I wouldn't subject you to using something I am not using myself. Shit does happen and mistakes can be made. There's over 33,000 lines in one vehicles.meta alone and I've managed to lose a days work for something as simple as an unclosed tag that I couldn't locate causing a full reinstall. So as will any mod. Use at your own risk.


First let me say it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to be using a mods folder if you can at all. You can find information on setting that up here (http://openiv.com/?p=1132)

Once you have you mods folder set up or if you choose to not listen and modify the original files. Your choice, but don't say you weren't warned. This zip should contain the proper folder structure to install the mod so extract it somewhere on your computer and open up OpenIV.

Now we'll mainly be working with the Update folder (Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update) obviously if you're not using a mods folder it will be (Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\update) in OpenIV.

First thing's first go into edit mode in OpenIV and navigate to each location so it matches up with the contents of the zip. You start with the update folder NOT the Vehicles Spawn Naturally In Traffic folder.

Now some of the folders in dlc_patch do not exist inside of OpenIV so you will have to create the folder structure yourself. Then add the vehicles.meta from the zip. In edit mode the new folder is the last icon on the toolbar, and the add file is right before it and looks like a +

For the folders that are there which is most of them simply right click on the vehicles.meta or whichever file you're importing and click replace. Be sure to replace it with the proper file. I've tried to make this as easy as possible but it's still possible to screw up if you're not careful.

When you're done adding folders rebuild the Update.rpf this may not be necessary but it is recommended.

When you're finished close edit mode and OpenIV.


The only thing the vehicles.metas are doing at this time is adding the drivers to certain vehicles.

Removing the flags preventing some vehicles from being ambient which I cannot confirm works 100%. I've seen a few vehicles like the Swift and Besra without mods specifically adding them but I'm not convinced that's the result of this mod. If you are using the vehicles.metas and come across something like a gold Swift or a Hydra without having mods to spawn them please let me know. Just because I haven't seen them doesn't mean it's not working just that I can't confirm that it is and can't declare that a feature. If it works it's an unexpected side effect. I've also added flags for bullet proof glass for the Kumura2 and both Insurgents. This doesn't seem to actually work at this time since I've been shot inside of the vehicles.

The only other thing the vehicles.metas are doing is giving body armor when entering vehicles like the Kumura2 and both Insurgents. That I can confirm is working.

For information on making changes to this mod or merging it with other mods such as Cops Back On The Beat please read the README. That's what it's there for. If you have any questions or problems please use @ThomasRiordan in the comment section or simply click reply to any post I've made there. I don't check this every day so it's easier to see if there's a message if it pops up as an alert.

Other topics included in the read me are adding new drivers for the vehicles or simply replacing the ones I have.

This is just a small update to hopefully correct the problem of subs spawning on the highway and cars spawning in the ocean. There a few things that are a work in progress like cop cars spawning as part of traffic but at this time they're unfinished. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to work on this as much as I would like over the next few weeks due to a pending move but after the move is over I'll try to get back to work on it.
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