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Banana's Tweak (ENB) 0.8


I wanted to share with you guys my ENB tweak.

This is made for RealMod Collection 1.9.7 (Shaders)

And I also use VisualV (All files from update.rpf)

1. Download ReShade 2.0.3f1.
Copy ReShade, ReShade.fx and ReShade.64.dll to your root Gta V folder.

2. Download Enb Series V275.
Copy all files to your Gta V root folder.

3. Download VisualV and install all the files from the "update.rpf" folder.
You'll need OpenIV to be able to install them.

4. Download RealMod Collection and copy the ReShade files to your Gta V root folder.
(I used 1.9.7)

5. Replace all the ENB files in your Gta V root folder with my ENB files.

Version 0.8

Tweaked the vehicle reflections. chrome etc. Also tweaked the water some more.

Version 0.7

Made som changes to the night sky, stars are now a little bit more visible and the moon aswell. Also made som changes to the clouds and tweaked the lightning. (hotfix of the sky)

Version 0.6

Made some changes to the sunrise and sunset. Also got fraps to work!

Creeds goes to:

Lian for RealMod Collection.

_CP_ & robi29 for VisualV.

Other mods used:


Creeds to Alpha7ICE.


Creeds to BackstageMODS.


Creeds to Juiceproductions.


Creeds to Sung-ho, and Yaboiicey.



Creeds to Anime_Boom, Cryhd & Arc_Angel.

Hope you'll like my tweak!

Pc Specs:

i7 2600k 3.7 Ghz.
Gtx 970 4gb.
Ram 16 gb.
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