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360+ Extra Items For Vehicle Search Mod

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I made this because I thought it would be fun to release my own 'items package' if you like. So I hope you enjoy it, if anything needs correcting be sure to let me know. Also if you would like items to be added then just be sure to let me know and I'll get it done!

Can I make clear this was written from scratch and I did not just add onto someone else's list, granted there will be some items the same but that is a coincidence and not copying.

-- Colour Coding of Items --
Red - Danager/Illegal/'Bad' Items
Blue - Dodgy Items/Further Investigating Needed (This colour can mean it is down to your opinion whether or not to arrest the person/fine them etc. for the found item)
Yellow - Just Strange Items
Green - Legal/No Meaning/Normal Items

Blue colour further explained incase I didn't quite make sense. An example of a blue item is the blueprints of a bank. This item being found could mean you are arrested for conspiring to commit a robbery (or something like that) or you as the officer may decided that the blueprints of a bank being in your possession isn't quite enough to make the arrest for that. It's down to you.

I plan to update these Extra Items as often as I can to continue to increase the realism of items you may find.

Original Mod: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/7894-vehicle-search-search-a-suspects-vehicle/

Download Includes:
- Vehicle Search.dll & .ini
- Read Me

-- Credits --
Original Mod: FtDLulz
Positioning Code: FinKone
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