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Los Santos Rally Stages [Community Races] 1.2

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Inspired by the various Community Races mods out there, I am sharing four rally stages using offroad/rally vehicles.

Four rally stages to test your rally driving skills. Each stage will last for over 7 minutes on average. Remember to put weather on rain before racing for maximum fun.

1. Offroad Stage 1.
2. Offroad Stage 2
3. Offroad Stage 3
4. Tarmac Stage 4. Turn off traffic for this one.

Reminder: Put the weather on RAIN before racing


Community Races 1.3 mod by Guadmaz
You need GTA V 1.0.1290 (Doomsday Heist update) at least otherwise some of the newer cars will not load.

Recommended mods to apply before racing:

Faster AI Drivers 2.2 by Eddlm

If you want more fun and challenge, also install Realistic Driving V scaled topspeed mod. After installing it, also load my Faster AI Drivers for Realistic Driving V mod over the top of that to give the AI racers a bit of a push.


1. Extract the xml files into your Races folder Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\Races


Change log:

1.2 Even with rain and Realistic Driving V, the races are not too difficult. So I have increased difficulty by setting up a staggered start so that the player doesn't blast past the whole field by the time he gets to the first corner - more passing in the race more fun. But as the player start position is random, so if you start position is up in front, just wait for the whole field to pass you before you launch to give yourself some challenge.

1.1 Optimised number/locations of check points to give AI racers more chance to complete the track

1.0 Original release
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