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Enhanced Yacht with Extra Rooms


Features include:
- Submarine launch bay
- Underwater cargo hatch
- Master bedroom with private lift which leads to panic room and submarine access
- Vault
- Home cinema
- Lots of other small changes and enhancements.
- Added over 100 peds so the yacht feels alive and more like a crime boss's yacht.

IMPORTANT: You need to disable wind in simple trainer or menyoo or some other mod to make the water calm - otherwise the waves flood the bottom deck.

There are two versions of the mod - one with a party on the forward deck and one without.

- you need use simple trainer or menyoo or some other mod to get the yacht to appear
- Map Editor
- Latest Menyoo or use my ObjectList.ini to make sure all objects appear

Load using Map Editor and you will be teleported to the yacht.

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