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Cayo Perico Series [Menyoo | ARS | YMAP] 1.2


This pack brings all but one race from the Cayo Perico Series created by Rockstar in August 2022 as part of the The Criminal Enterprises update.

The following races is not included (may be added in a future update):
Crash Course

Known Issues:
- On all the tracks, the ARS AI are absolute maniacs, they have no regard for their own life, expect absolute carnage.
- On 'Cayo Perico - Bike & Subscribe', since the start/finish line is on a corner, the ARS AI will glitch out at the start, but will work as normal for the remainder of the race.
- On 'Cayo Perico - Hard Dock Life', the AI won't follow the track properly (I've tried 20 or so times to correct it, but this is close your gonna get).
- On both 'Cayo Perico - Get Blazed' & 'Cayo Perico - Hard Dock Life', the AI won't lift their wheels up on the Aqua (ARS bug), so they will be very slow - also the start/finish line is at the closest point to the water, since creating a water race crashes the ARS script.

All maps require the MP Map enabled.
'Cayo Perico - Going Down' and 'Cayo Perico - Going Up' does not have a Menyoo map to load, only the ARS track to load.
On all tracks, I've added coloured flares on the start line as it is difficult know where the start/finish line is on some of them. Also, all tracks are missing a few props, nothing much I can do about it.

Autosport Racing System
SP Ymap
Legit & Up-to-date GTAV - No support for cracked/pirated versions ( I'll let side version b3028 to help out, since ARS is broken on b3095/b3179)

Place 'Spooner' folder in Menyoo
Place 'Tracks' folder in scripts > ARS
Place the contents of the 'metadata_mp' folder in spymap > dlc.rpf > x64 > metadata_mp.rpf

v1.2 (4th April 2024) - Added the official R* versions of 'Cayo Perico - Get Blazed' & 'Cayo Perico - Hard Dock Life' since they were originally taken down, but now are back up - the ARS configs should work with them too.
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