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Street King {Custom Build} [ADD-ON] +FiveM Version MK II SP {2.04} FiveM {V1.03}



Add-On version MK II {2.04}

To install, follow instructions!
1. Drag & drop "street_king_mk_ii" into "GTA V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks"
2. Add this line "dlcpacks:/street_king_mk_ii/" {WITHOUT QUOTATION MARKS!} to the bottom of your "dlclist.xml", located at "mods\update\update.rpf\common\data"
3. Load GTA V.
4. (i use Menyoo), go to Vehicle Options>>Spawn Vehicle>>Motorcycles>>Street King
5. ENJOY!!
ANY ISSUES/questions/requests, message me on Instagram @KING.SYKO!

Street King MK I
>Custom HandlebarsCustom Cholo Type Bike
>with long flame spitting pipes. (Shortened in up-date)
>wide angle sliders.
>hi-way style Ape Hangers.
>Removeable boxes.
>Custom Stretched Tank.
>Custom Stretched Sissy Bar (Removed in up-date)

Street King MK II {2.04}
>Custom BuildShorter PipesRemoved Rear SeatAdded Handlebar MirrorsAdded colour customizable Reinforced BarsAdded Rear Brakelight}
>Edited plate placement (suggestion)
>Edited rear fender (split/crack)
>Replaced custom indicators (working)
>Added oil filter below seat (no longer a big space below the driver)
>Added Street King logo on the tank
>Removed front wheel fender {Suggested}
>Added custom-built colour-changeable rims
>Added spare tire to the rear of the bike, for a more authentic look {IN MY OPINION}
>Removed turbo gauge on handlebars {unrealistic} [was testing, didnt work]

Add-on version has no avaliable mods as of this moment, but WILL be updated soon!

This bike IS NOT FINISHED yet. i still have some plans and fixes to little things.
Any issues/questions/requests, MESSAGE me on my instagram @KING.SYKO

DO NOT redistribute ANYWHERE

DO NOT attempt to use vehicle online!

Any issues/suggestions/ideas, message me on Instagram @KING.SYKO
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 MK II SP {2.04} FiveM {V1.03} (current)

572 симнато , 9,35 MB
Октомври 3, 2019

 MK II SP {2.3} FiveM {V1.02}

129 симнато , 10,5 MB
Септември 25, 2019

 MK II SP {2.2} FiveM {V1.01}

226 симнато , 14 MB
Септември 11, 2019

 MK II SP {2.1} FiveM {V1.01}

356 симнато , 5,18 MB
Август 23, 2019

 MK II {2.1} {FiveM V1.0}

176 симнато , 5,18 MB
Август 21, 2019

 MK II {2.1}

195 симнато , 2,57 MB
Август 16, 2019

 MK II {2.0}

35 симнато , 1,33 MB
Август 14, 2019


36 симнато , 10,4 MB
Јули 10, 2019

 MK II SP {2.2} FiveM {V1.01}

927 симнато , 11,7 MB
Јуни 23, 2019

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