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    Generally, it seems to be working for me. There are a few glitches with the saved state of the vehicles. The Hustler saved without fenders. Car interior colors do not seem to be saving correctly. The Yosemite reverted interior color from 52 (Olive Green) to 13 (Matte Grey). 190z interior changed from grey to beige, among others. Not huge problems, but things that would be nice to have working.

    Јануари 16, 2018
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    @Zemanez This is something I could probably do. I notice from the GTAForums thread, this is (or was) an open-source project. I sent a message to the address in the first post of the thread (gtavent@hushmail.com) to request access to the GitHub repository, but it bounce back as undeliverable. Is source access still available for this project, and if so, who do I contact. Thanks.

    Декември 29, 2017
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    Any chance custom RGB paints will be added soon?

    Декември 28, 2017
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    The menu seems to work pretty well for me, and I have been able to spawn in the new content. The Vehicle Color Menu could use some attention, however. It does not seem to want to let me change the colors (primary, secondary, and pearl) orthogonally. For example, if I apply a custom RGB override to the primary color, and then change the pearl color, the RGB override is lost, and the primary color reverts to the base primary color index. The same thing will happen if I try to change the secondary color after setting a custom color on the primary. Also, why the cumbersome numeric vector entry for custom RGB colors? Separate menu entries for the Red, Green, and Blue components that dynamically adjusted up on right arrow and down on left arrow would be much more intuitive and allow the color to be visually fine tuned. I like the capability to save and load custom colors, but have found it is often easier to tune the colors by editing the INI, instead of going through the menu interface. It would be nice if the INI used more descriptive labels for the colors than c1-c10, though. Perhaps labels like PrimaryRed, PearlIndex, etc. Thanks.

    Декември 22, 2017